How to use a swim spa

In terms of spa, we can say that the most popular model for its multifunction is without a doubt the swim jaccuzzi tubs. The latter can both allow you to swim against the current, and relaxation sessions in a hot tub. Or two options in one: the first for sports and the second for relaxation. Even if the functions and the range of a swim spa allow a relatively simple use, forum spa helps you to know the basics of its operation in order to make the most of your sessions.

The swim spa for training: swimming against the current

When you choose to buy a swim spa, there is no doubt that it is to take advantage of the counter-current swim system. This option for swimming on site in a limited space is specific to the swim spa, which is more efficient than a conventional spa and less bulky than a pool. You can place it on your terrace or at the bottom of your garden; the advantage is that it can be adapted to any type of installation (built-in or above-ground). The swim spa is practical for perfecting swimming techniques, but also for rehabilitation exercises since the device allows you to do weight training and aquaerobics with its depth of 1.35m on average. Regarding swimming, you can progress thanks to the adjustment of the power of the jets which allow you to exercise with a fairly great difficulty. To do this, just stand in front of the current and swim. You can attach yourself to the spa (bust or feet) using a strap or special elastic band to help keep you in place.

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